The effects of emicizumab on in vitro coagulation and fibrinolysis parameters in patients with disseminated intravascular coagulation with and without addition of anti‐FVIII antibody

  • Published on 04/02/2024
  •  Reading time: 4 min.

Tomoko Onishi 1,2, Hanako Shimo1, Suguru Harada3, Keiji Nogami1

1 Department of Pediatrics Nara Medical University Kashihara Nara Japan
2 Center of Postgraduate Training Nara Medical University Hospital Kashihara Nara Japan
3 Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Yokohama Kanagawa Japan


Background Emicizumab (Emi) is used as haemostatic prophylaxis for patients with haemophilia A (PwHA). Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) is a condition characterized by persistent systemic activation of coagulation, but there is yet no information on coagulation and fibrinolysis potentials in Emi‐treated PwHA with DIC.
Aim To examine the effect of Emi on coagulation and fibrinolysis potentials in HA‐model DIC plasmas.


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