Study protocol: fish oil supplement in prevention of oxaliplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy in adjuvant colorectal cancer patients – a randomized controlled trial. (OxaNeuro)

  • Published on 07/02/2024
  •  Reading time: 6 min.

Gehr Nina Lykkegaard 1,3, Karlsson Páll 1, Timm Signe 3, Christensen Signe 4, Hvid Christian Andreas 5, Peric Jana 6, Hansen Torben Frøstrup 3, Lauritzen Lotte 2, Finnerup Nanna Brix 3, Ventzel Lise 3

1 Danish Pain Research Center, Department of Clinical Medicine Aarhus University Aarhus Denmark
2 Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports University of Copenhagen Copenhagen Denmark
3 Department of Oncology, Vejle Hospital University Hospital of Southern Denmark Vejle Denmark
4 Department of Oncology Aalborg University Hospital Aalborg Denmark
5 Department of Oncology Aarhus University Hospital Aarhus Denmark
6 Department of Oncology Soenderborg Hospital, University Hospital of Southern Denmark Soenderborg Denmark


Background Oxaliplatin-induced peripheral neuropathy (OIPN) in general and painful OIPN in particular is a debilitating late effect that severely affects cancer survivors’ quality of life and causes premature cessation of potentially lifesaving treatment. No preventive treatments and no effective treatment for chronic OIPN exist despite many attempts. One of several suggested mechanisms includes neuroinflammation as a contributing factor to OIPN. Fish oil containing...


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