Disease Duration Affects the Clinical Phenotype of Primary Sjogren Syndrome: A Medical Records Review Study of 952 Cases

  • Published on 06/07/2024
  •  Reading time: 7 min.

Zhang, Yan MBBS*; Yang, Jian-Ying MBBS*; Chen, Jia-Qi MMed*; Liao, Jia-He MMed*; Huang, Zi-Wei MMed*; Wu, Tzu-Hua MMed*; He, Qian MMed*; Yu, Xin-Bo MMed*; Wang, Qin MBBS*; Song, Wei-Jiang MD+; Luo, Jing MD++,[S]; Tao, Qing-Wen MD++,[S]


Objectives To investigate the impact of disease duration on clinical phenotypes in Chinese patients with primary Sjogren syndrome (pSS) and examine the correlation between clinical phenotypes and onset age, age at diagnosis, and disease duration.
Methods Data from 952 patients diagnosed with pSS in China between January 2013 and March 2022 were...


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