Randomized double‐blind placebo‐controlled cosmetic trial of a topical first‐in‐class Neutraligand targeting the chemokine TARC/CCL17 in mild‐to‐moderate atopic dermatitis

  • Published on 12/02/2024
  •  Reading time: 4 min.

Nelly Frossard 1, Alexandra Coïc 2, Thibaut Saguet 3, Alain Coïc 2, Franck Himbert 2, Quoc Tuan Do 2, Jean‐Luc Galzi 4, Carey Suehs 5, Gerald Guillaumet 6, Pascal Bonnet 6, Philippe Bernard 2

1 Faculty of Pharmacy UMR7200, LIT, CNRS‐Strasbourg University Illkirch France
2 GreenPharma SAS Orléans France
3 TS Consulting Olivet France
4 UMR7242, CNRS‐Strasbourg University, ESBS Illkirch France
5 Department of Respiratory Diseases University Hospitals Montpellier France
6 Institute of Organic and analytical chemistry Orleans University Orléans France


Background Atopic dermatitis has a marked economic impact and affects the quality of life. A cosmetic compound with an innovative strategy is proposed here as a small chemical neutraligand, GPN279 (previously identified as a theophylline derivative), that binds and potently neutralizes the TARC/CCL17 chemokine, activating the Th2 cell‐expressed CCR4 receptor.
Objective Our objective was to evaluate the safety and activity of topically applied GPN279...


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