Breast conservation versus mastectomy for metaplastic breast cancer: A systematic review and meta‐analysis

  • Published on 06/06/2024
  •  Reading time: 3 min.

Christopher G Harris 1,2,3, Farhad Azimi2,3, Belinda Chan2,3, Susannah Graham2,3, Cindy Mak2,3, Sanjay Warrier1,2,3, Guy D Eslick1

1 Faculty of Medicine and Health The University of Sydney Sydney NSW Australia
2 Department of Breast Surgery Chris O'Brien Lifehouse Sydney NSW Australia
3 Department of Surgery Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney NSW Australia


Metaplastic breast cancer is a rare aggressive subtype of breast cancer for which there are no clear treatment guidelines regarding the optimal surgical approach. This systematic review and meta‐analysis aimed to evaluate survival outcomes of patients with metaplastic breast cancer undergoing breast conservation compared with mastectomy. We identified studies from MEDLINE, Pubmed, EMBASE, Google Scholar, the Cochrane Library Register of Controlled Trials and the EBM Reviews...


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