Applications of MRI in Schizophrenia: Current Progress in Establishing Clinical Utility

  • Published on 07/09/2024
  •  Reading time: 6 min.

Hui Sun MD 1,2,3, Naici Liu MD 1,2,3, Changjian Qiu MD 4, Bo Tao MD 1,2,3, Chengmin Yang MD 1,2,3, Biqiu Tang MD 1,2,3, Hongwei Li MD 1,2,3,5, Kongcai Zhan BSc 6, Chunxian Cai MM 7, Wenjing Zhang MD, PhD 1,2,3, Su Lui MD, PhD 1,2,3

1 Department of Radiology, and Functional and Molecular Imaging Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province West China Hospital of Sichuan University Chengdu China
2 Huaxi MR Research Center (HMRRC) West China Hospital of Sichuan University Chengdu China
3 Research Unit of Psychoradiology Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Chengdu China
4 Mental Health Center West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Sichuan Clinical Medical Research Center for Mental Disorders Chengdu China
5 Department of Radiology The Third Hospital of Mianyang/Sichuan Mental Health Center Mianyang China
6 Department of Radiology Zigong Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University, Zigong Psychiatric Research Center Zigong China
7 Department of Radiology the Second People's Hospital of Neijiang Neijiang China


Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness that significantly impacts the lives of affected individuals and with increasing mortality rates. Early detection and intervention are crucial for improving outcomes but the lack of validated biomarkers poses great challenges in such efforts. The use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in schizophrenia enables the investigation of the disorder's etiological and neuropathological substrates in vivo. After decades of research, promising...


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