Combination treatment with monoclonal antibodies: Dupilumab and ustekinumab for the treatment of severe atopic dermatitis and Crohn disease

  • Published on 11/20/2023
  •  Reading time: 1 min.

Alberto Alegre‐Bailo MD 1, Araceli Sánchez‐Gilo MD 1, Inés Gonzalo González MD 2, Francisco Javier Vicente Martín MD 1

1 Dermatology Department of the Rey Juan Carlos Hospital Móstoles Madrid Spain
2 Dermatology Department of the Infanta Elena Hospital Valdemoro Madrid Spain


Evidence of effectiveness and safety in combined therapies is scarce and based on case reports and small case series. We report a case of dual biologic therapy with ustekinumab and dupilumab in a patient with severe Crohn disease and atopic dermatitis. There was no interference between these drugs after a 7‐month follow‐up.

Keywords: atopic dermatitis; biologic treatment; combined therapies; dupilumab; monoclonal antibodies; ustekinumab.


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