A Nationwide Survey Study of Recovery Community Centers Supporting People in Recovery From Substance Use Disorder

  • Published on 07/09/2024
  •  Reading time: 6 min.

Hoeppner, Bettina B.Phd, Ms; Simpson, Hazel V.Ba; Weerts, Catherine Ba; Riggs, Marion J.Phd; Williamson, Alivia C.Ba; Finley-Abboud, Diadora Bs; Hoffman, Lauren a.Phd; Rutherford, Philip X.Bs; Mccarthy, Patty Ms; Ojeda, Julia Med; Mericle, Amy a.Phd; Rao, Vinod Md, Phd; Bergman, Brandon G.Phd; Dankwah, Akosua B.Drph, Mph; Kelly, John F.Phd


Objective The medical community has become aware of its role in contributing to the opioid epidemic and must be part of its resolution. Recovery community centers (RCCs) represent a new underused component of recovery support.
Methods This study performed an online national survey of all RCCs identified in the United States, and used US Census...


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