TBCRC 039: a phase II study of preoperative ruxolitinib with or without paclitaxel for triple-negative inflammatory breast cancer

  • Published on 02/08/2024
  •  Reading time: 7 min.

Lynce Filipa 1,2,3, Stevens Laura E. 1,2,3, Li Zheqi 1,2,3, Brock Jane E. 2,3, Gulvady Anushree 1,2,3, Huang Ying 1,2,3, Nakhlis Faina 1,2,3, Patel Ashka 1,2,3, Force Jeremy M. 4, Haddad Tufia C. 5, Ueno Naoto 6, Stearns Vered 7, Wolff Antonio C. 7, Clark Amy S. 8, Bellon Jennifer R. 1,2,3, Richardson Edward T. 2,3, Balko Justin M. 9, Krop Ian E. 1,2,3,10, Winer Eric P. 1,2,3,10, Lange Paulina 1, Hwang E. Shelley 4, King Tari A. 1,2,3, Tolaney Sara M. 1,2,3, Thompson Alastair 11, Gupta Gaorav P. 12, Mittendorf Elizabeth A. 1,2,3, Regan Meredith M. 1,2, Overmoyer Beth 1,2,3, Polyak Kornelia 1,2,3

1 https://ror.org/02jzgtq86 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 450 Brookline Ave. 02215 Boston MA USA
2 Harvard Medical School Boston MA USA
3 https://ror.org/04b6nzv94 Brigham and Women’s Hospital Boston MA USA
4 https://ror.org/00py81415 Duke University Durham NC USA
5 https://ror.org/02qp3tb03 Mayo Clinic Rochester MN USA
6 MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston TX USA
7 https://ror.org/00za53h95 Johns Hopkins University Baltimore MA USA
8 https://ror.org/00b30xv10 University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia PA USA
9 https://ror.org/05dq2gs74 Vanderbilt University Medical Center Nashville TN USA
10 https://ror.org/03j7sze86 Yale Cancer Center New Haven CT USA
11 https://ror.org/02pttbw34 Baylor College of Medicine Houston TX USA
12 University of North Carolina Chapel Hill NC USA


Background Patients with inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) have overall poor clinical outcomes, with triple-negative IBC (TN-IBC) being associated with the worst survival, warranting the investigation of novel therapies. Preclinical studies implied that ruxolitinib (RUX), a JAK1/2 inhibitor, may be an effective therapy for TN-IBC.
Methods We conducted a randomized phase II study with nested window-of-opportunity in TN-IBC. Treatment-naïve patients received...


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