Single-Cell Gene-Regulatory Networks of Advanced Symptomatic Atherosclerosis

  • Published on 06/10/2024
  •  Reading time: 11 min.

Mocci, Giuseppe,*; Sukhavasi, Katyayani,*; Ord, Tiit; Bankier, Sean; Singha, Prosanta; Arasu, Uma Thanigai; Agbabiaje, Olayinka Oluwasegun; Makinen, Petri; Ma, Lijiang; Hodonsky, Chani J.; Aherrahrou, Redouane; Muhl, Lars; Liu, Jianping; Gustafsson, Sonja; Byandelger, Byambajav; Wang, Ying; Koplev, Simon; Lendahl, Urban; Owens, Gary K.; Leeper, Nicholas J.; Pasterkamp, Gerard; Vanlandewijck, Michael; Michoel, Tom; Ruusalepp, Arno; Hao, Ke; Yla-Herttuala, Seppo; Vali, Marika; Jarve, Heli; Mokry, Michal; Civelek, Mete; Miller, Clint J.; Kovacic, Jason C.; Kaikkonen, Minna U.,+; Betsholtz, Christer,,+; Bjorkegren, Johan L.M.


Background While our understanding of the single-cell gene expression patterns underlying the transformation of vascular cell types during the progression of atherosclerosis is rapidly improving, the clinical and pathophysiological relevance of these changes remains poorly understood.
Methods Single-cell RNA sequencing data generated with SmartSeq2...


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